11 Years Living Off-Grid

“Hélène Dubé and her partner Alain Neveu from Es-Cargo http://www.es-cargo.qc.ca/ have lived off-grid in Quebec, Canada for 11 years in a self-built earthship style home made of recycled tires filled with earth and large south-facing windows.” Note: I recommend using earthbags similar to what Jake and others who are building ‘earthbag earthships’. https://naturalbuildingblog.com/jake-vs-earthship-part-8/


2 thoughts on “11 Years Living Off-Grid”

  1. Very cool to see this! And yes, lots of people seem to be interested in this style of living. Agreed about the earthbags. Earthbags are incredible for building.

  2. This is a really good video so I posted it even though they built with rammed tires. Look closely and you’ll see the dozens if not hundreds of volunteers that were needed to help build their home. I recommend building similarly with earthbags or some other less labor intensive method. But otherwise great people, great content.


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