2 thoughts on “2012 Best Small Home of the Year”

  1. Actually, they did show the upstairs, a partial glimpse of it anyway, for all of 10 seconds.


    Looks like the upstairs is basically a bedroom, which makes sense.

    There probably is a bath up there also that was not shown, since the first floor plan only indicates a powder room on the first floor.

    Most people have plenty of clutter around their house as they live in it. Maybe that upstairs bath is where they stashed all their clutter for the photo shoot? (kidding)

    Seriously… I suspect that the bed/bath upstairs was very understated since it clearly was a non-public space. The first floor is where all the “sexy” camera shots were, so they focused on that for most of the video.

    Good house… although I’m sure it’s filled with expensive toxic products from the local building supply centers. Someone could probably build essentially the same floor plan somewhere with few or no building codes using free, inexpensive, and natural materials for 1/10 the cost of what was spent to build this one. It would be just as nice too, if not nicer.

  2. Nice place. I’d love to know the street address. It looks typical Seattle probably located north towards the University of Washington or as we call it the U DUB. What’s nice is they made a point of saying that the money they saved by building small, they were able to put in high dollar pieces such as the counters etc. This is a great choice for home of the year. It’s logical. Thanks Owen.


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