25 Small, Sustainable House Plans eBook Now Available! — 14 Comments

    • My ebook only covers the basics for covering earthbag walls. All you need is free materials on the Internet. Plus talk to potters for more tips and/or take a clay sculpture class.

    • Can you download from a library or university? Almost certainly you can. If so, contact Zafra on the ordering page and she can help you out.

    • The third part of the book consists of low cost, low tech building details like how to add a roof to a dome, attach a porch and so on. Some of these details have already been on our blog, but what I did was upgrade the drawings and refine the text. As with everything, I only used the best ideas. Lots of material didn’t make the cut.

  1. Another Victory! Thank you Dr. Owen. You have delivered yet another useful book for those inclined to DIY and sustainability. Your works helps make the planet a better place. I know such a project (producing a book) is not easy–I know that if you did not “care”, you would not have done it.

    Excellently done. Something for everyone who wants to assist our dear planet and have a wonderful home in which to live. THANKS. (and thanks also for the work you are gifting to assist Nepal)

    • The book took about 1,000-2,000 hours over the last 2 years or so. Glad to get it finished. One interesting feature is each of my 25 most popular designs in the book now has a 3D cutaway drawing so people can more easily visualize the interior and construction details.

      Plans for Nepal are shaping up. Things are looking very good for training starting in September. There are lists of people who want to attend and numerous people helping to organize things.

  2. Owen, this looks wonderful!

    The next step for me is to find a resource to help me select solar, wind and water-collection tech that is suitable for a small house (and modest budget) and includes the latest & greatest developments. Everything from flexible solar cells to turbine trees — and more!

    There is *so* much out there right now that it is very confusing — can you or anyone else here assist?

  3. A big shout out to the proofreaders. About 10 people offered suggestions. They all get a free copy of the ebook. Email Zafra for details. Her email is on the ordering page.

  4. The file size of this ebook is huge due to all of the images. So I’ve chosen to bypass the typical online shopping carts and go with a super fast download site. I downloaded the book in about 30 seconds with very ordinary Internet speed. This amazed me so much that now I’m working to put my earthbag building DVD and earthbag building guide on the same download site so people can get them more quickly.

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