Al Baydha – Another Greening the Desert Project — 6 Comments

    • I wonder how long it takes to turn it into fairly decent farm land. It must be awfully difficult trying to restore land like this.

      • Hi Owen! It will never be fairly decent farmland, but we have seen improvements in biodiversity, hydrology, and soil creation, and it is productive at this point, allowing for the restoration of sustainable grazing and desert tree crops.

    • Thanks, I’ll take a look soon. And thanks again for the many excellent links you’ve provided over the years.

      Any comments about this specific project? If they can turn this ‘wasteland’ into productive agricultural land then that will be very impressive. (I think they will. It just takes time.)

  1. Restoring degraded land is a win/win situation. Homeowners get low cost land and eventual self sufficiency, and at the same time the earth is being restored.

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