Amazing Bamboo and Cob Home Construction Costa Rica

A tour of a bamboo and cob home. House is completely framed with Guadua bamboo and all the interior and exterior walls are cobbed. All the colors are ocher pigments mixed into the final cob layer.


5 thoughts on “Amazing Bamboo and Cob Home Construction Costa Rica”

  1. Hello-
    My name is Joseph (YahuSeph) B. Cryer.

    I am in the process of acquiring the top of Mount Uvita CR and developing it as the Headquarters for My Ministry.

    I am very intrigued with Cobb building and am contemplating developing the property this way.

    Obviously I would need the best and the brightest to assist in this endeavor.

    Is their more You can provide or recommend certain individuals with the skills that would be greatly appreciated.

    I am anticipating purchasing the property in February and all of the other components are in place.

    In other words this is real.
    Thanks Again,
    YahuSeph the Hebrew
    443 497 7371


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