Another Insulated Earthbag Method — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t have any construction experience, so this idea is a little vague, but if someone did develop a bifurcated earthbag would it be possible to run PEX tubing through the divider so that it would coil up the building (especially for an earthbag dome) within the wall? I am thinking that could be a beneficial way of pre-heating the house in cold climates by exchanging heat from the warmer ground to the colder building walls. It could possibly run passively as a thermosyphon if the temperature differential between ground and building was great enough, but also might require active pumping.

    • That’s too costly and complicated. It’s simpler to either add insulation on the outside or fill the bags with insulating material such as scoria.

  2. By the way, Owen, maybe I missed a blog post, but could you please let me know if your book is out yet and how one can get it? Thanks.

    • The book is “finished” to a degree. But there seems to always be delays. We just discovered the book cover is a different size than the book, so the cover now has to be resized. There’s also a PayPal glitch. I have to close my account and open another one. Stay tuned…

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