Back to Eden Success! Fast Permaculture Soil with Woodchips — 4 Comments

  1. When we use woodchips in the garden we are duplicating what occurs naturally in the forest every day. The bark and small branches, leaves and whole fallen trees slowly break down and regenerate the soil.

    I use them in the greenhouse in an elevated tomato trough that is 16 foot long.In 2 rows it holds 28 plants. I plant several different varieties, some determinate and some indeterminate so it becomes a jungle and I do a lot of pruning. Anyway I put the chips around all the tomatoes and I water them with a spray nozzle and the chips hold the moisture. So if I miss a day of watering the chips keep all the plants happy.

    I also have half-barrels with honey dew, cantaloupe, cucumbers and Nardello sweet frying peppers. They all get the same treatment with chips.

    I also put a lot of chips on the ground in the green house so I can spray them on hot days for cooling things down.

    • How I wish I could get wood chips here! I may break down and buy a chipper at some point. Straw mulch doesn’t last long at all in our humid climate.

    • This is the first step. Did you see the black soil under the chips? It takes time to build up good soil. This is one very low cost, fairly fast easy way to build up soil.

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