7 thoughts on “Webhosting Problems”

  1. Rank the following in order of “Sucktitude.”

    A Vacuum Cleaner
    International Codes Commission
    Discovering that there is no toilet paper after doing your business.
    A siphon
    The Mortgage Industry
    The Dentist’s slurping thingy.

    • That made me laugh, thanks. To me it seems the mortgage industry is the ‘winner’.

      I got the Economizer coloring contest lined up soon. Spread the word. We wants some kids involved. Maximum age is 13.

      • I often behave as though I’m under 13. Does that count? ;)

        I hope you get a bunch of awesome pictures to stick on the front of the naturalbuildingblog fridge!

        Glad I could bring a smile to your face on such a “sucky” day.

        • The site still isn’t working correctly after 13 hours. Even on a ‘good’ day it takes me twice as long to get things done here because it’s so slow. There’s no excuse for this level of crap service.

  2. I emailed Zana a while ago when you had that issue with the ‘Categories’ section explaining that blue host is not a real host and not suitable for any kind of web site that expects to get any real traffic.

    If you read a little about ‘shared hosting’ you can see why it isn’t suitable.

    If you would like, shoot me an email and I can help you find a decent host based on your budget and the amount of traffic you get!

    • Thanks, Ian. I believe you. Let’s hope Zana has time to make the change. We’ve agreed to change and have talked about it for weeks.

  3. I’m being kind when I say Blue Host sucks. I’ve wasted hours and hours trying to open our site and publish posts. Just today it’s taken 5 hours to publish this gem of a post. The tool bar still doesn’t load and so I can’t publish a regular post. So, I thought I’d send a little message to Blue Host, whose been jerking us around for months. Of course there will always be a certain amount of downtime for maintenance, but our site cuts on and off every day. The clear lesson is don’t use Blue Host for your hosting service.


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