Building an Earthbag Workshop in Wales

Avid blog reader Phil Dodd wrote, “Are you aware that in mid-Wales, UK, a sustainable-living practitioner is now coming to the end of his second earthbag build on his land? Kris Harbour has now nearly finished building a large workshop with earthbag walls, and a turfed timber roof. One of the notable features of the build has been that Kris has produced no waste in the building process. Additionally the water used has come from a natural stream, and his electricity he has generated himself from water turbines and solar panels. Even his vehicle is powered from used cooking oil.”

Phil points out that Kris has a Youtube channel that is fully documenting his building efforts, and it is well worth checking out. One good example is this video showing how he erected a huge reciprocal roof from massive poles.

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  1. Thanks for giving Kris coverage – he has carried on making great progress since we first talked about him, and it is well worth following his YouTube channel. A very positive and talented person. A fascinating channel. Kris is pleased to discuss what he is achieving, consider sensible suggestions about his activities, and takes particular interest in harnessing hydro electricity. I wish him well !

    I’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you well for 2020 with this valuable resource the Natural Building Blog – thanks for all that you do here !


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