Eco Friendly Shelters: Earth Lodge 2.0

Today’s post is from Eco Friendly Shelters, builders of earthbag shelters. I love the look and the concept. This project is a response to ever-increasing housing costs and regulations that prohibit ordinary Americans from being prepared for any disaster or emergency. The absence of a permanent foundation truly attracted us in a first place. All … Read more

Witch’s Rock Surf Camp in Costa Rica

Today’s post is quoted from the Zephyr Eco website. Zephyr Eco is a project dedicated to self education and providing solutions for sustainable living. These include sustainable construction, organic farming, and free trade relationships. I have built many structures over the years. It started when I was about 25 or so, and my father and … Read more

Photo Post #1

We’re starting a new feature today, where we post new photos we find on the Internet. Many earthbag photos we come across have little or no information, but are beautiful, interesting and worth sharing. As many of you know, the best projects are eventually profiled on our Projects page. But that requires having a certain … Read more

Spiral 2 Earthbag House

I have a new 2-bedroom version of my spiral house design. This version includes a large grow bed, exposed timber ceiling and living roof. Ample light is provided by the window wall next to the grow bed, window and door glazing, and suntubes. Distinguishing features include two bedrooms, masonry two-way fireplace, covered porch and cool … Read more

Earth Building in Thailand

Interview with Peggy Reents and Thana Joe Uthaipattrakoon (nickname Joe). Owen: I first heard about earth building in Thailand from Janell Kapoor of Kleiwerks International fame who said there are thousands of new earthen houses in Thailand. That really amazed me and so I’ve set out to learn the details about the modern earth building … Read more