Balinese Eco Resort Features Sustainable Materials

The Ulaman Resort in Bali was designed by Inspiral Architecture and Design Studios. It was made from rammed earth, bamboo, natural stone, and recycled timbers, as well as SIP panels that have a low carbon footprint because they combine recycled EPS with earth-based, fiber-reinforced polymer renders, allowing them to be strong, lightweight, and insulated. The … Read more

Catalan Vault Building in Barcelona

Jordi Domenech is a second generation master mason from Catalunya specializing in the catalan vault method and has built these structures for over 50 years. He is one of the world’s leading builders and teachers on this technique, having constructed hundreds of works, and teaches workshops on traditional masonry techniques. The Catalan vault – also … Read more

Modern Earth and Bamboo Architecture in Thailand

Chiangmai Life Construction is a company that specializes in modern earth and bamboo architecture and quality construction. They are based in Thailand and favor organic, free-flowing designs. They build using natural materials: earth, bamboo, rocks, wood. All bamboo used is treated with natural Borax salts. You can watch the video at

Atelier Daniel Florez was invited to complete a new beach pavilion as a cluster of three, giant  pergolas made of laminated wood and bamboo at Hotel Kilombo Villas in Tibau do Sul, Brazil. The pergolas provide plenty of shaded and ventilated space below the polycarbonate roof by projecting the shadow of a leaf that moves … Read more

Irish Castles That Can Be Rented

Cahercastle (built the late 1400s) sat in ruins for centuries before its new owner carefully restored it. Castles like this one, also known as “tower houses,” are common in Ireland. Designed as both fortifications and residences, most are just a single tower stretching up above the landscape. There is something about their humble appearance that … Read more

Mustardseed Earthbag School in Uganda

Localworks has created the Mustardseed Junior School in Uganda with organically shaped classrooms built from natural and locally sourced materials.  The earthbag walls are filled with soil from the site. The 1,146-square-meter (12,335 sf) building is used as both a kindergarten and primary school for local children. No two rooms are the same, which means … Read more