Earthbag Eco-village in Beijing

Dr. Sunny Cai, an architect and Associate Professor at the University of Science and Technology in Beijing sent me news of his most recent earthbag work. It’s interesting to note his Ph.D. is in Historic Chinese Earth Architecture. “To be a designer and professor in university for architectural class teaching, I always advocate low carbon … Read more

Proposal Design for Arts Village at Abetenim, Ghana

This architecture competition entry is from the Nka Foundation website. The design is by architects Gediminas Ratavicius and Raimundus Zidonis, and students Margarita Pantelejeva and Brigita from Lithuania. “According to one of the most appealing goals of Open ARchiTecture Challege, we have made an attempt to integrate art to architecture so that new built structures … Read more

Nka Foundation ARchiTecture Challenge

This post was submitted by Japanese architect Kikuma Watanabe, who’s engaged in one of the Main Jury’s at the Ecovillage project in Ghana. The text below is from the Nka Foundation website. “Nka Foundation is pleased to announce the results for the Ghana: 2011 Open ARchiTecture Challenge. Entries were received from over 30 countries. The … Read more

John Obey Beach Domes Update

Today’s post is an update on the Tribewanted domes in Sierra Leone. The quote below by Ben Keene is from his article in The Telegraph (see link at end of this blog post). The previous post is here. “The projects themselves have – despite the slow pace of life here – been ticking along at … Read more

Amirta – Divine Nectar Retreat Cabin

We have a new complete project page up at the Amirta – Divine Nectar Retreat Cabin in the high desert of southeastern Arizona. To do this retreat Venerable Lobsang Gyelse had to build a space to do it in, which is a small circular meditation space with an offset sleeping nook. In addition there … Read more

Domehouse by Elevated Earth Technologies

Today’s post features an earthbag dome by Elevated Earth Technologies. The text below is from their website. In nature there are few linear and right-angled shapes and none that are being applied in the design of wild animal habitats. On the other hand, humans have based the design of their living and working habitats almost … Read more