The Magic of Italian Trulli

On the heel of Italy’s boot, small stone huts with conical rock-covered roofs can be seen scattered among the olive trees. These are called trulli and can be found throughout the Itria Valley, where there are approximately 50,000 of them, especially in the town of Alberobello, where there are roughly 1,500 of them. Some trulli … Read more

Bonita Earthbag Domes in Joshua Tree is For Sale

We have been chronicling the development of the Bonita Domes project in Joshua Tree, California for a little over a decade. You can read about the original building at This was a project led by United Earth Builders, as shown here and updated here. Then later this video became available that showcases how it all … Read more

Houses That Can Save the World

Many of our houses are defined by a pattern of consumption, from the raw materials to build them, to the fuel required to sustain them, and the waste generated by them. Despite an improvement in building energy efficiency, 2021 saw carbon emissions from building and construction hit an all-time high. Suppose that a house could … Read more

Legendary Permaculturalist Jerome Osentowski’s Future Uncertain

Jerome Osentowski, the founder of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute is known the world over as a gardening guru. But now he is facing a challenge from a pest he never anticipated: zoning. Around Colorado’s Roaring Fork Valley, the legend is well-known: An eccentric old man living on Basalt Mountain had grown bananas at … Read more

Building an Earthbag Dome at Vanirah Farm

The folks at Vanirah Farm in India have been building an earthbag/superadobe dome that will function as a winter community kitchen. Building the main structure with earthbags was fast, but the finishing work has taken a lot of time. They are also building a large earthbag rainwater harvesting tank. This video shows some of the … Read more

The Institute of Nomadic Architecture

The Institute of Nomadic Architecture is a rich source of information on the traditional architecture of nomadic peoples. They have been researching nomadic architecture for over fifteen years and have over 40,000 images and 500 hours of video clips, as well as detailed notes from all around the world. They record the structure itself, and … Read more