Building an Earthbag Dome at Vanirah Farm

The folks at Vanirah Farm in India have been building an earthbag/superadobe dome that will function as a winter community kitchen. Building the main structure with earthbags was fast, but the finishing work has taken a lot of time. They are also building a large earthbag rainwater harvesting tank. This video shows some of the … Read more

The Institute of Nomadic Architecture

The Institute of Nomadic Architecture is a rich source of information on the traditional architecture of nomadic peoples. They have been researching nomadic architecture for over fifteen years and have over 40,000 images and 500 hours of video clips, as well as detailed notes from all around the world. They record the structure itself, and … Read more

Bioceramic Dome Technology

Bioceramic dome technology opens a new world of possibility in architecture. The current construction industry uses four primary material families – wood, metal, concrete, and organic polymers (plastics). Chemically bonded ceramics (bioceramics) are a new class of geopolymers that enable a different kind of innovation in construction. The new material family bridges the gap between … Read more

Learn to Draw Your Home in 3D

Learn to Draw Your Home in 3D. Starting about Jan 6, this online course will be interwoven with short video snippets from previous live builds. Alosha Lynov, of BioVeda, will show the hows and whys of construction methodologies to get your home from paper to 3D software to physical reality. This will be a guided … Read more

The Cambridge Central Mosque

Marks Barfield Architects designed the Cambridge Central Mosque that is respectful of its surroundings while incorporating traditional Islamic design aspects, including geometric patterns that symbolize the infinite. The building, which replaces an old mosque that had become too small for the congregation, was designed around the idea of a “calm oasis of contemplation” situated within … Read more

Cob House Inside a Glass Dome in the Arctic

The Hjertefølgers, a Norwegian family of six, has installed a 25-feet-high geodesic glass dome over a cob house. The three story house is entirely built from sand, straw and clay, and without being protected this way it would be very thermally inefficient. The single pane glass dome was built by Solardome. The solar geodesic dome … Read more