Building Spec Houses for Profit

Some natural builders may be interested in building houses for profit. One suggestion is to find out what people want in your area. And so we’re going to look at a few houses here. This is what people are buying. These houses are made with brick, concrete and tile, but you could build the same … Read more

Durable Raised Garden Beds

Many gardeners are familiar with Mel Bartholomew’s Square Foot Gardening system: raised garden beds of any size divided into square foot (300mm) grids. It’s a very popular gardening system and he has sold over one million books. With this method you can grow five times more plants in a given space with less maintenance. You’ll … Read more

Careers in Earthbag Building

From time to time we answer reader’s questions. Chase: After much research, I am really interested in pursuing a career in natural building, in earthbags, and many other means. I’m not entirely sure where to start, especially since I’m just starting and don’t know much about construction or buying land, but I can’t resist the … Read more

Green Technology Education Center

One of the most progressive high school vocational programs that I’ve heard of is on the campus of Taos High School in Taos, New Mexico. Students get a solid background in general building skills (general carpentry, blueprint reading, AutoCAD, green business), but they also get more advanced and more specialized training in green building, solar, … Read more

What’s the Best Use for the World’s Remaining Forests?

Our forests are under increasing pressure to supply materials for a growing population. What would you rather have – healthy forests or poorly built, oversized, inefficient, wasteful housing? Time is running out for our remaining forests and so we need to look more closely at options that use less wood, and then, as a society … Read more

Built From The Earth

It’s going to be just like an old fashioned barn raisin’ at the Green Desert Eco Farm in Rockvale. But instead of using planks, hammers and nails, builders will use lots of feed bags, earth and barbed wire. Richard Hubler and his wife, Kerry, are preparing to build their first earthbag shelter, and they invite … Read more