The Helderberg Environmental Center in Capetown, South Africa Opens

“The new Helderberg Environmental Center is truly a magnificent building and provides the perfect setting for the various environmental education programs the City’s nature reserves offer schools and interest groups. This center provides us with a practical example of what a green City facility can look like. The project as a whole has proved just … Read more

The Strawtegi CO2ttage in Salt Lake City

The Strawtegi CO2ttage broke ground in October, 2021, as the first permitted structure in the U.S. insulated with dense-packed chopped straw. This net-zero carbon, modular, straw panel Accessory Dwelling Unit in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the first demonstration project and test build of Strawtegi, Inc.  The 650 square foot building demonstrates how we can … Read more

Straw Bale Building in Pennsylvania

Diane Ferguson, a former environmental health professor, has always dreamed of building a house made of natural materials. Her ideal home has about 650 straw bales stacked together with bamboo stakes driven through them. The straw is then plastered on the interior with an earthen plaster and the exterior with limestone plaster. Diane worked with … Read more

Building a Survival Mini House in the Woods

This video made by Athos shows him building a completely natural small dream house with dead wood, pine needles, thorns, moss, rocks and clay. It took him over two weeks and there are still some finishing touches he plans. You can watch the video at and you can find out more at his channel: … Read more