DoctorDirtbag’s Earthbag House

You may have been following the progress on DoctorDirtbag’s earthbag house like I have. He’s been making a lot of progress. Note the freeform ferrocement roof and how he made the portal skylights. Watching these vids helped me realize how volunteering on a few houses could be more valuable than going to a workshop, assuming … Read more

My Top 10 Most Popular YouTube Videos

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, then a video is worth… Maybe that’s why my NaturalHouse YouTube channel is so popular. 2. Finished Earthbag Roundhouse 3. Cement Plastering 4. Building an Earthbag Dome 5. Hardness Test 6. Enviro Dome Fly-through 7. $300 Earthbag House 8. How to Make Square Corners 9. Bag Size 10. … Read more

Off-grid Boulder House

Do you dream of ‘getting away from it all’ and living in a self-sustaining, off-grid home surrounded by nature? A number of my earthbag house plans would work well for this purpose. If you’re looking for a relatively low cost and easy to build Boulder House then take a look at my Arc House. Arc … Read more

Top 10 Most Popular Earthbag Blog Posts

Every year we publish the most popular blog posts for the last 12 months. We’ll do that again in November on our 4th anniversary. Our goal here is to look at the most popular blog posts since we’ve started – the Best of the Bestest. Think of them as hidden gems unless you’ve read all … Read more

Escape the Ratrace and Live a Carefree Simple Life

The ongoing economic recession is putting lots of people in difficult situations. For some, the situation may even seem hopeless. I’m writing this to remind everyone to never give up. Who knows for sure what’s in store in the future, but the main thing is to keep your head together and just keep on going. … Read more

Animation of Underground Earthbag Building

Rob Ormerod has posted a fun animated video that condenses six months of building an earth sheltered earthbag house into just two and a half minutes. This construction was done at the Rhiannon Community in Ecuador. The budget for this house is $400. The roof construction  involves a simple wooden frame and a corrugated steel … Read more