Using Augmented Reality with Bamboo Architecture

Bamboo architecture stands out due to its complex geometries and heavy reliance on craftsmanship. Physical models have traditionally been central to materializing architects’ visions and conveying intricate design. Now, we are in the midst of a paradigm shift: the digital revolution is bringing computer-aided design tools to the forefront, unlocking bamboo’s potential in ways never … Read more

Can AI Benefit Green Building?

Architects, engineers, and urban planners are increasingly turning to green building practices to create sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly structures. One of the most promising tools in this endeavor is artificial intelligence (AI), which has the potential to revolutionize the way we design, construct, and manage buildings. AI for green building is an emerging field … Read more

Free Access to SEI’s Library of Webinars

You can now gain free access to Solar Energy International’s past webinars! Their online library offers an array of webinars gathered from previous events, containing years worth of resources that are both informative and actionable. Training includes technical topics, business and marketing resources, workforce development discussions, women in solar insight, and more. Technical Training topics: … Read more

Skylos: 3D Printed Mud and Straw

When visitors to the San Luis Valley in Colorado stay at the Frontier Drive-Inn, they have access to a circle of unique structures that blend ancient materials with modern technology. Cylindrical silos with open air ceilings called Skylos are made out of locally-harvested adobe—sand, silt, clay, water, and straw. Designed and built by architect Ron … Read more

William Urschel Demonstrates his Wall Building Machine

Filmed in Valparaiso, Indiana in the late 1930’s, William Urschel demonstrates his “Wall Building” machine in this video. According to his patent application in 1944, this invention is a machine operable to mold a solidifiable material into the form of a strip and deposit the same as a course or layer in the formation of … Read more

A Couple’s Hand Cranked Utopia

In 1978 the Howards were urban professionals. Wanting a simpler, more meaningful life on a smaller budget, the family-of-4 lived on $18K/year, reducing costs to $10K/year after moving to their “intentional” Colorado homestead. They moved into an abandoned double-wide trailer on their 35 acre property and began raising chickens and goats for milk, as well … Read more