My Cheap $250 Apartment in Chiang Mai Thailand

These Dcondos are not only cheap to rent but come fully furnished and move in ready. Includes, pool, gym, washing machine inside the unit…how can you beat that. It’s a great place to live or stay short term. If you are coming to visit, you can also look up the very similar Dcondo nim which is next door to this complex.

If this seems pricey to you, check out the fully furnished $140 apartment around the corner.

4 thoughts on “My Cheap $250 Apartment in Chiang Mai Thailand”

  1. I am planning on coming to Thailand by January. I am on a tight budget. Can you give me a quick walk thru from the airport to finding a cheap apartment in Chaig Mai. Is there a deposit and how much is the average? How much is electric and wifi, is it included in rent or how much extra.?


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