Construction of Earthbag Clinic in Leogane, Haiti — 4 Comments

    • Yes, you can search our blog for previous blog posts.

      Update: I see they’ve started making houses. Thanks for the heads up.

  1. Dear Jesse

    I got your contact info from Geiger

    I am going to start building earth homes on 16 acreas of land in Belize the purpose of the homes is to provide shelter for all those who have no homes and need help to overcome thier current situation . I am making an Ashram which is a place of Spiritual growth and worship for all who want to find the meaning of peace . My ashram will be by donations only and I hope to help all those who wish to find internal peace in this troubled world. The problem is finding the bags or roles of bags at an affordable price that will deliver to Belize, I saw you did a project in Mexico and this is very close to Belize so I am hoping you can point me in the right direction.

    Your assistance is very appriciated any advice you can provide I welcome.

    May the Universe bless you…

    Orlando Fernandez

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