DIY Walk-in Cooler — 4 Comments

  1. Yep, we’ve been trained to only buy food as we consume it and put it in our pretty little consumer fridges. Trained never to store much more than we need at the moment. It’s literally like the people in power are trying to build the most dependent unstable society they can; a society that can be thrown into complete chaos by minor kinks in the chains.

    • Other related facts: Grain reserves are at an all time low. I’ve heard those giant grain silos are no longer filled as in the past. Supermarkets can sell out in 1-2 days due to modern “just in time” delivery systems. Many farmers are going bankrupt and/or giving up the family farm since most young people would rather work in cities doing easier jobs. This means the US food supply is now largely controlled by a handful of giant agro corporations who primarily sell low grade items that you can barely call food. Most of it’s full of fructose, corn syrup, artificial colors, preservatives and dozens of chemicals no one except mad scientists can pronounce. No thanks. I’ll grow my own food (as much as possible).

  2. I never even considered building a walk-in cooler before, because everyone I know has a refrigerator in their home. The cool room pictures from Uganda really make me appreciate the fact that most businesses in the food industry have easy access to builders who can easily install cool rooms. There are other buildings in the picture, so I’m assuming they have access to electricity. Why don’t they have an actual refrigeration room?

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