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  1. Owen, before my first post I googled ecat looking for info. I found hype, advertizing,misdirection (to be kind), and wishful thinking.
    If you know of any test he has done where he has used his output to actually do work, to drive loads, be they inductive (motors), or resistive, where he lists the measuring equipment used (brand and model please), and how measurments were taken, as well as any calculations particulary were he is switching from btus to kwh, Point me to it, here or in a private email if you wish. I could not find even one!
    I am only asking to see the most basic of data, data that a junior in high school would be expected to provide for a science project.
    This has every characteristic of a classic con, right down to his saying how his next test is his last, the data will be private, puplic might be present, but only at his invitation,only if they are quallified.
    I can, and am calling this out as 100% BS, a scam is absolutly most certain, I though will seriously look at any tests done where the basic info I asked for is provided.

    I can demonstrate to you or anyone else how there is energy in the air, show you calibrated instruments displaying the potential, make up a convoluted story about how I can extract this energy, get experts to confirm the existance of this energy but my whole con can and will come apart the moment I have to make this energy do work.
    I understand the hope, and wishfull thinking, but thats not good science.I watched this video, and cant believe its meant to be taken serious. Experts, scientists, these people may be in name only, Stupid, quacks more like it, not one serious question asked, if any of them are real scientists, and journalists they should be immediately suspended pending a peer review of their qualifications and current compitance.
    A better use of all that tin foil would be to force these clown scientists to wear it on their heads.
    Think about this one point for a moment-He has not produced a singe watt, not a killowatt, Nothing! he has not powered so much as a toster, and he cant! He has not so much as powered a 100 watt light bulb!! and let me say it again HE CANT!
    He ofcourse has calculation to show you he can, but only excuses why he hasnt.
    Now this man who has not driven a light bulb is claiming to be able to produce a megawatt, A MEGAWATT!! do you understand how much power that is? As he isnt being challenged on his claim of four times over unity, I quess he decided to make an even more absurd claim. Think for a moment, look at his megawatt container, do you think that container could dissipate the heat produced from generating a megawatt of electricity.Fortunatly it wont have to as there is 0 chance it will. We will have to agree to dissagree on the mater, time should produce the answer.

  2. I cant believe, this is even being taken remotely serious by anyone past the big bird, easter bunny age.

    No one, has achieved over unity ever,period!!. Not 1.1,not 1.2 not even breakeven at 1 to 1. Now along comes a claim of 4 to 1 ,and its being taken serious?
    The difference between a small scale con, and a large one is the size of the claim.
    The magnitude of the claim should have everyone holding their nose! (like wepons of mass destruction)

    Looking quickly (because I cant waste to much time on this) at his info on this process I see he is happy to claim a input of 8.9 KWH ( I will assume this is factual) and it appears he claims a “heat output” of 33.7 KWH. This 33.7 appears to be a calculated value as he is not driving a dynamo or alternator.Another giant red flag that something stinky is in the building.

    Third giant red flag is the introduction of hydrogen into his experiment, but he is not accounting for it in his input cost.Think maybe hydrogen has something to do with inflateing the ” heat output” ? Do you think electricity was used to crack water into hydrogen in the first place, and where is the cost of this in his calculations?

    I have to get back to a serious project now as I recieved a email from Nigeria, and it looks more promising than this endevor.

    • I suggest reading more about the e-cat. I thought it was too good to be true at first, too. But I’ve been following the story for months as Rossi has conducted test after test. I can’t say 100% for sure it’s real, but at this point it seems a scam is unlikely since everything has been independently examined and measured. Well, everything except the black box with the reactor.

  3. The “pollution” of Rossi was caused by bureaucracy and a synergistic combination of ignorant journalists and incompetent officials.He played no active role.

    The “Petroldragon” of Rossi recycled spent chemicals by cracking and transformed them in fuel.

    A new “environmental” law was voted in the Italian parliament, that required new licenses for waste management.

    The existing refinery of Rossi didn’t have any, and was transformed overnight from an authorised business into an illegal dump of toxic waste, without anything material happening in the real world.

    Eventually the justices verified that the fuel sold by petrolragon was identical to the other corresponding fuel originating from oil.

    Rossi was cleared of all charges of pollution, but spent in the meantime 4 years in jail. During these years, his business was bankrupted, the refinery expropriated, and given to friends of somebody to make money out of various activities of fake environmental reclamation.

    All this was back in the nineties.

    • He calls the process Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR). Some say this is just another name for cold fusion. Anyway, a growing number of scientists are saying it’s for real and that it is safe and practical. His partnership with Defkalion Energy has been severed due to financial disputes.

  4. I believe they said the same of nuclear energy with regards to “not worth metering.” Never underestimate a businessman’s ability to charge per watt, per kiloByte, per Liter of fluids, etc. The only reason why we don’t pay for the air we breathe is because they haven’t ruined the air enough for the population to buy into it.

    • That’s true, but this device is different. It’s far simpler and will likely be replicated (legally and illegally) around the world once the techniques are discovered by others. There will be no stopping it when people can buy a small device for a few hundred dollars.

      • As seen with other acts of prohibition, however ineffective, it won’t stop our government from trying to stamp it out with taxpayer money. You need a source of nickel and hydrogen. While you can produce the hydrogen yourself with electrolysis, you still have to find a source of nickel. They can then create the Department of Nickel Preservation or something with a fancy acronym that is also a real word since that seems to be a very popular in the government at the moment. “We have to stop these communist terrorists from destroying our nickel supplies!”

        Then there is question of how pure the nickel needs to be, and how much it costs energy-wise to mine and refine it to specifications.

        Mining typically involves strip mining so there is the environmental damage involved there. NIMBYs will probably prevent the United States from getting all of the nickel needs domestically so our energy sources will still be subject to the whims of foreign governments.

        While it is nice, it isn’t a holy grail.

        We would be better off if we just live energy-efficient houses near our places of employment, telecommute whenever possible, and try to mass produce graphene nanoribbons bundled up in sufficient lengths to replace copper wiring in houses and around neighborhoods.

        • I’ve read that nickel is one of the most abundant metals in the earth’s crust and so it’s fairly low cost. Mines are widely dispersed so no country can corner the market. The nickel is processed, but Rossi says the cost is low.

          Also note how only a small amount of nickel is needed with Rossi’s LENR process. Here’s a quote from one article: “Just 1.25 grams of nickel, the amount of nickel in one US 5 cent coin, can generate E-Cat energy equivalent to 5 barrels of oil – all without CO2 emissions and no radioactive materials.”

          The US will likely put up all sorts of barriers, but I don’t see how they can stop the proliferation of this technology if every country is making these devices and they’re as common as toasters, for instance.

          I agree about building energy efficient houses, etc. but we still need an affordable energy source. The e-cat would make it easier to live off the grid with fewer entanglements with big gov and corporations.

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