Earthbag in Nepal — 6 Comments

  1. I am your run-of-the-mill natural building addict and traveled to Nepal to study the kinds of unique techniques and innovations they are implementing there. I spent a good part of my trip with Anil and Narayan and watched this building as it slowly grew from the ground… one of the greatest experiences of my life.

    If you are at all interested in natural building, have an appetite for adventure and enjoy a good mountain view: you MUST experience earthbagging in Nepal.

    A paradigm shift is slowly taking place there in the approach to building, and Anil and Narayan are on the forefront of that. They are giving rise to a wave of change that is, in my opinion, going to play a quintessential role in the ability of the country to continue to survive.

    I simply cannot understate the importance of the work these two men are doing.

    Reach out to them. Donate funds to help them reach out to others. Or do what I did: buy a ticket and go get your hands dirty in the Himalayas! They are making history, and they building a future for their nation… They are two of the most amazing men I have ever met.

  2. That is one awesome looking home! Natural and native materials are used, and it looks practical for its surroundings. That’s a green home! Awesome!

  3. Thank you Owen for posting our project (Narayan and I work together on this project). I am also a weekly columnist for The Kathmandu Post, one of Nepal’s daily broadsheet newspaper and I am sending you a link to an article I had written a while back on earthbag building. I have also mentioned in that.

    We have also designed the reciprocal roof frame with bamboo poles for this house. We have several earthbag, mud, bamboo building works for an ecological learning center at hand. In the first week of March, we are very likely to get involved in building a building for artists’ hub in central Kathmandu, the capital city. We will keep posting as we go and if there are people interested in joining hands, they will be most welcome. Thank you once again for being such an inspiration to us.

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