Earthbag Planters

Several new earthbag planter projects have been added to our Projects webpage at (our companion website). This seems like a popular option that has lots of potential.

An Earthbag Raised Bed Garden from, Ecovillage Training Center, Summertown, TN provides their recipe, building techniques and photos for building planters/raised garden beds.

Beth’s Earthbag Construction Project from shows a similar technique for building planters. Beth cut and resewed her poly bags to create long, thin bags that take up less space. Detailed instructions and photos are provided.

Earthbag Greenhouse Planter
Earthbag Greenhouse Planter

Constructing Planting Beds in Dome Greenhouses from Growing Spaces in Pagosa Springs, Colorado shows pictures of various ways of building planters in grow domes. Having indoor grow beds is especially practical in areas with harsh climates. Planter walls will be more durable if plastered. (Note: only a link is provided here since there isn’t enough information to create a project page.)

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