Elegantly Simple Finnish Tiny Home — 4 Comments

  1. I really appreciate the daily connection with builders from all over the world that you provide us, Kelly.
    I am a cob builder but I am connected with all those builders in the world who who challenge the status quo of traditional, large, stick or brick-built homes built by strangers and financed with a 30 year mortgage. It is much more than a financial choice. It is a choice to really be a part of the process of creating a place to live that suits YOU. Every moment I spend on my site I am happy and feel connected to earth on which I walk. Those who walk into my house feel the coolness first, then they hear the quiet ( I am close to a busy highway) and then they notice how soft the cob floor is to walk on. More like a hardwood floor that is not on a concrete slab. Thank you and bless you for your calling to connect us!

    • Thank you, Bruce. It is a pleasure to connect with like-minded folks around the world and further the cause of living ecologically.

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