Emergency Shelter for Kashmir Flood Victims — 4 Comments

  1. I don’t know how to make a baler. We’re suffering financially in the USA, but no comparison to how 3rd world countries are suffering. I really feel for those people. If you sold plans for a straw bale mold and sold them it would help us and them. The money you make (over upkeep costs) could go toward the cause. You could sell the plans pretty high and we would still benefit from having the plans at the same time the 3rd world countries could benefit.

    • Simple things like this are typically improvised (do-it-yourself, homemade, salvaged materials). Very few if any people would buy the plans. It’s basically just a box and a car jack. I suggest talking to someone with handyman skills to make one if need be. Also, try emailing PAKSBAB and see if they have any more information.Also, there might be plans in The Last Straw Journal.

      In the US you can most likely buy bales already made by a baling machine. They can be recompressed by hand if they seem too loose. This could be done with a plywood box and someone standing on top of scrap wood. The bale will compress and then you can tighten the twine or add new twine.

      Summary: earthbag building and strawbale building are very simple. Start working with a few earthbags or a few bales and build a small corner to experment. No need to buy any special tools really. Ex: a baling need can be made in a bench vice in about 5 minutes out of scrap metal even though you could buy one for $50 or so. Ex: no need to buy books for simple structures. You can find everything on the Internet for free or at a good library.

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