Final Earthbag Book Cover Photo — 9 Comments

  1. Mr. Geiger, please, when you say “Built Correctly”What do you mean? I mean, have any tricks that we have to know? excuse any errors of English but I live in Brazil. :-)

    • I’m referring to all the things discussed about on this blog. If you’re going to build with earthbags, I strongly suggest reading through everything on our websites (this blog and

  2. Greetings

    There was a big earthquake(8.9) in Japan. Me and my wife are moving to Japan this coming summer. I am very interested in building my own earthbag house someday, and I was wondering if the earthbag house will be great for places like Japan where there are a lot of earthquakes.


    • It depends on how it is built. Built correctly, earthbag structures are among the strongest in the world. This this site for keywords “earthquake” and “reinforced earthbag”. That’s the key — you want a reinforced earthbag house that’s specially designed for earthquakes.

  3. Well done, Owen, I’m the guy who urged you to retake this and your friend did a fine job. Very inviting picture now, speaks more eloquently about what you’re offering. I want a copy soon as it’s out!

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