Growing Microgreens for Profit

Urban Farmer Curtis Stone talks about his three most profitable microgreens. Curtis has other videos on his microgreen operation in Canada, his soil mix, greenhouse construction, etc.

The second video demonstrates growing microgreens outdoors under mesh in tropical climates. The mesh keeps insects out, blocks the hot sun but still lets sufficient light and ventilation. It’s in Lao language but you can still see the basic idea. You can find many more microgreen/baby green videos online.

Fachai Chaimon farm: microgreens and wheatgrass This is one of the farms that supplies organic produce to Rimping supermarket in Vientiane (one of the best in SE Asia).

3 thoughts on “Growing Microgreens for Profit”

  1. Another good video using a 4′ wide indoor growing rack:
    How to produce $800 worth of microgreens in one week on one rack
    The Microgreens Farmer offers a free ebook on how to grow and sell microgreens.

    Note how the process is a little trickier than he shows. For instance, in our hot tropical climate the microgreens tend to wither and get moldy.

    Here’s another video on growing microgreens in a basement:

  2. Previous videos explain how microgreens and baby greens are some of the most nutritious foods on earth. Eaten fresh, they have around 20-100 times more nutritioun than typical vegetables from a supermarket. Other blog posts explain how you can earn over $100,000 in a spare bedroom or shipping container.


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