Help Wanted on Kauai, Hawaii Music Studio Dome

Help wanted building earthbag dome home on organic farm in Kauai, Hawaii.
Help wanted building earthbag dome home on organic farm in Kauai, Hawaii.

“I am currently drawing up plans for a 15′ dome built on an 18″ high double buttressed stemwall using: Raschel Mesh Bags filled with native Oxisol soil, lime and Coconut Husk fibers woven between double strand barbwire atop a cement foundation.

I have done numerous soil tests and I am very very pleased with the results. Coconut fibers are one of the strongest natural fibers I can find and work amazingly incased in Earth and Lime.

I am calling for help.
I am looking for 2 experienced earthbag builders to come live and build on our organic farm on north shore Kauai. We offer a place to camp, produce from the gardens, fruit from the orchards, small stipend, and the experience of living and working on an organic farm.

Maybe you have the experience / drive / time/ willingness to learn / curiosity to come help.

I would love to have people email me if they are interested in coming to Kauai and working on this project with us.

Contact: aus.machen at

We have the crew ready to mobilize and we have all the supplies ready to go (cement mixer w/ conveyer, Kubota tractor w/ loader…). I look forward to hearing from anyone at anytime!”

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2 thoughts on “Help Wanted on Kauai, Hawaii Music Studio Dome”

  1. Aloha! I am curious if the building has ever been started/finished . If there is still need for help, let me now. Either way, Mahalo Nadi

  2. This sounds good. Perfect climate plus organic food grown on mineral rich volcanic soil plus stipend. You might even learn some gardening tips.


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