Homemade Wood Heating Stove — 11 Comments

  1. Wood like to buy plans for this homemade wood heating stove. Talks about #167 issue has the plans but can’t figure out how to order

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  3. Look into rocket stoves and rocket mass heaters. These stoves use a minimum of wood to heat, and get hot enough that there is no smoke produced, once it reaches optimum temperature.

  4. This is a subject I’ve found interesting. Actually grabbed a book on masonry heaters a while back. Not sure I’d get the all clear from my significant other to build something that could literally burn the house down if manufactured incorrectly. Considering that she likes the chonburi design, it’d probably have to be a little more massive than the one in this article.

    And man, the Tulikivi masonry heaters sure are pretty. Though obviously I would favor a local mason if they were available. Soapstone heaters are not cheap, alas. Still probably a better investment than a furnace.

  5. It might be wise to also invest in a carbon monoxide detector that is loud enough to wake the dead if you are going to burn wood. Carbon monoxide is deadly in sufficient quantities. It has no smell or taste.

    • That and keep your stove pipe and chimney clean. And be careful with ashes that you clean out of the stove. I knew someone who almost burned down their house from the hot coals mixed in with the ashes.

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