Instructable: How to Build an Earthbag Roundhouse — 9 Comments

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    • That’s one of the best roof building methods. I haven’t built one yet but would love to try it. I would have built a reciprocal roof on our roundhouse except we don’t have lots of long straight poles. The compression ring that we used worked perfectly.

  3. Beautiful house. I was wondering where you sourced the compression ring? What is it made of and how do you know when it is strong enough? Thanks

    • I had it fabricated in a local metalworking shop. It’s easy to make with the right machines (which cost many thousands of dollars).

      Like most experienced builders, I can look at something and tell you if it’s strong enough. That approach works fine if there are no building codes. In code enforced areas, you’d have to get an engineer to analyze the loads.

      The compression ring is made with two pieces of steel. One is simply a 3″ wide strip of metal bent into a circle and welded at the end. The other piece flares out at angle just like a skirt. That’s the tricky part to make. Weld the two pieces together, drill holes and spray paint it. Total cost about $25 in Thailand.

  4. Wow, this is really amazing. The quality of information out there on DIY earthbag building is truly stunning. Thank you for yet another wonderful contribution!

    • Great! That’s what I want to hear. That’s why I’m making these Instructables. It breaks things down into clear steps so people are more likely to use the information. I’m working on an earthbag dome Instructable right now.

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