Roof for our Cacao Dome

“Here is a video which may be interesting for you: Namely the installation of a corrugated metal roof on one of our domes, “Cacao Dome”. This dome (not to be mistaken with the other you have documented – the EcoRancho and/or Majestic Dome, both in La Chorrera) suffered a lot in the rainy season to the point that we could not use as living quarters during the rainy season.

Rainwater was pouring into the dome from everywhere. The interesting part that no apparent structural damage was caused only the weaker wood got damaged from this exposure to so much water, other then a bit erosion here and there no walls suffered and our drainage system worked to perfection (French drain and inside the dome drainage). Also the stronger wood we used (teak and gmelina) did not suffer. In fact, besides the weaker wood (untreated pine) we could find no fungi or mildew build up anywhere in this dome, which gives you a thumbs up for our theory of “breathing walls”….

Here is the video link and you may find it useful as I see very little stuff on alternative roof protection for domes and/or earthbags in tropical climates where you suffer a lot of rain. This dome is called “Cacao Dome” and was built in a very remote area in the Panama Canal Sensitive Zone.

Ah yes, and Dr. George Nez (Hypar, Hyperbolic Paraboloid Roof expert) is planning to visit us in Panama early May. This will be an extraordinary event as we believe his type of roof is very suitable for many types of construction using eco friendlier materials. As you have been so helpful all along the way I would like to extend you and Kelly an open invitation to visit us, perhaps also during the time that Dr. George Nez is here. We should have some accommodation ready at our EcoLodges by then…!!”

Kind Regards from Panama!
Walter A. Hutterli

3 thoughts on “ Roof for our Cacao Dome”

  1. I enjoyed Your proyects; Congratulation in all
    The work. You have there.
    I Hope God help You with the Best idea
    For the dome roof.

  2. Good obersations – You got a serious point there and you may be right. However, we have built our “Majestic Dome” with a Lime Based Plaster which has registeded 3 rainy season without any problems…. so, where ever you are, you need to adapt your Materials according to your environment……


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