Life on a Self Sufficient Farm

“This is a photo video of my life on a self sufficient farm in northern Kentucky. We cook on a wood cookstove, and live without most of the modern “toys” that almost everybody has.”

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  1. I sent an email, not sure if you are just very busy or if you did not get it…. I am posting my email msg here:

    Highest Regards!!

    I have thoroughly enjoyed looking over your blueprints for earthbag building!!

    We have put in an offer on 5 acres of land, we will find out shortly if we have it or we still have a search. However, the lot size will PROBABLY stay about that. (north florida). One of the deed restrictions for this land is build residence more than 950 sq ft excluding garage & porches. BUT only one residence!

    I am very interested in yr four plex , however, want to know if this can easily be adjusted? I want it as a one family so the dividing walls I would like opened up for walk thru. I want to keep the 4 bedrooms,4 bathroom. I would like to make the livingroom take over the one corner,the kitchen take over the other corner,the master bedroom (3rd corner) take the livingroom space & make a walk in closet & instead of kitchen make a sitting room/study,4th corner make into a family room. I guess my question is: Is this do-able?
    I don’t know how much it will change the plumbing & wiring!!! If this is do-able, pls tell me what it would cost for updated blueprints! (I am not sure what kind of cost increase would it create if I wanted(optional) to make this a 10′ ceiling??? would it create problems with stability???)

    I also saw that PSE is licensed in Florida. I am sure it will take a professional presentation & possibly some actions to get this structure approved for building permits & signing off!!!! I don’t know why people give ‘above code’ so much problems!! Maybe it ‘cuts’ into traditional profits, but I am adamant to build this way!!

    I am a newbie,and this will be a major undertaking!! I will be reading heavily from yr blogs & websites & youtube clips! Also, is there any sample budgets/costs on this or similar structures as to how much the wiring & plumbing & roof costs?? Besides hidden costs(because I have never built before) and will need help in labor (maybe do workshops onsite with you or other experts and use that to get labor & cover your fees)any advice you have is welcome!!

    In Kind Regards!!
    Sara Markis

    • Everything you suggest is possible. PSE can provide the necessary engineering. Roof, plumbing and electrical are same as conventional. You can bid these separately. You can order a custom plan from Email me at naturalhouses [at] for details.


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