Michael Janzen’s Emergency Shelters — 1 Comment

    Step 1 Find a safe place for the car
    Shelters built from cars are easy to transport, and can therefore be placed in a circle or next
    to other shelters. Place the cars so that one door can still be opened and plastic or other
    materials can cover the space between the cars.
    Step 2 Remove all the seats
    After removing the seats the car will provide far more space. More people will find protection
    against the cold and wind. Use the seats to have a comfortable place to sit on, outside the
    car, under the plastic or canvas cover.
    Step 3 Isolate the shelter from the inside
    A) Cover the floor with mattresses.
    Mattresses will provide a good isolation against the cold coming from the ground.
    B) Cover the floor with clothing etc.
    A thick layer of clothing, cloth, plastic bags and wrapped newspapers will provide isolation.
    C) Cover the windows with clothing and newspapers
    Step 4 Make isolation-materials for the outside
    Fill plastic bags or brick-bags with stones, rubble, earth, ice or snow.
    Step 5 Place the bags around the car
    Place the bags so that they will prevent the wind from blowing under the car.

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