Miracle Springs

Miracle Springs eco resort is looking for volunteer builders.
Miracle Springs eco resort is looking for volunteer builders.

This report is from a reader who goes by the name Ajarn Richard. This is where Steve Areen’s dome home is located and other unique structures such as the ones above.

“I’m staying at Miracle Springs right now. The owner is Hajjar Gibran, author, designer, builder. He is the great nephew to Kahlil Gibran, author of the “The Prophet” and has written the sequel to his great uncle’s masterpiece.

Hajjar and his wife Lumyai worked closely with Steve Areen to design and build his dome home out of cement block. Most recently, Hajjar has created a CEB press and a system for building with foam cement and is eager to experiment with these sustainable methods. They are also owners of the organic mango farm where Steve’s dome is located. The property has many of Hajjars creative structures on it. They plan to create an international center for learning various building methods as well as organic agriculture.

It’s a beautiful place and the Miracle Springs website is on its way. If anyone wants to come and visit email Hajjar at hajjargibran(@)yahoo(.)com. They need builders. This photo is from Hajjar, better than the ones I took.”

Note: Miracle Springs is somewhere north of Udon Thani, Thailand. Sounds like it’s near the Mekong River. I’m sure the details will be on their website.

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