More Earthbag Projects Planned for Patagonia, Vietnam and Japan

[The following excerpt is from Paul Coleman’s Environmental Booty blog]

The design is of four domes and a courtyard and when people see it I am sure they will be reminded of a fairytale world. It will fit in with the view and will disappear among the surrounds. Most of the materials will have to come from very close by. We have two rivers to cross, one by a two-person, hand over hand cable car and the other on a 28 meter log that acts as a bridge. More challenges ahead, but it’s nice to see our plan – going to plan, without having the stress of thinking about it – amazing how things work out – not even finished one, yet already designing another – we love building things with the Earth. Very hard, but very rewarding.

Terra Firma Domes, Patagonia, Chile
Terra Firma Domes, Patagonia, Chile

Looks like we’re going to take the concept to Vietnam in the spring – Yuji is working with a hotel owner to create an Eco-Park where low income families and orphans can learn to live with nature – the first building will most likely be earthbags.

The people who helped build our walls and the frame of our roof in April this year, are teaming up to host an Earthbag workshop in Nagano, Japan. A roundhouse will be built in the grounds of an ecological hotel/retreat. Michi the carpenter, and his girlfirend Noizumi will lead the two day workshop and Kazu and Taka will assist. Great to see that they enjoyed the earthbag building in Patagonia so much and nice that they are spreading on the message.

Be sure to read Paul Coleman’s Blog for more details about their upcoming projects.
Image credit: Paul Coleman

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  1. Hi , i just came upon this blog and as i live in Cambodia, I am intrigued and am going to investigate but am wondering if there is any chance of the workshop / Introduction to could be brought to here .


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