My Home Cost Under 15k!

Are you ready for something different? This guy set four reclaimed garages on a slab and built a large new roof on top.

“I had NO clue what I was doing. I have no experience building a home, digging a septic system or clearing land. I should have let that stop me but I had to try. I think it turned out pretty cool! Not bad for someone with no clue. Lol”

Source: Dance in the Sunshine (lots of interesting gardening videos)

4 thoughts on “My Home Cost Under 15k!”

    • I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before. If I have the story straight, he later sold the property and moved into another home free and clear. So this $15,000 house was a stepping stone to a mortgage free life.

      The biggest lesson for me was a reminder to think outside the box. Here’s a guy with zero building experience who came up with a very clever housing solution. Search the Internet long enough and you’ll find other low cost housing methods every day. (Our blog describes hundreds of affordable housing ideas.) It seems the possibilities are endless.

      • “The biggest lesson for me was a reminder to think outside the box.”

        Let me get this straight…
        A guy built a box… out of several other boxes… and THAT is what reminded you to think outside the box?

        Am I the only one that got a chuckle from that?

        No worries, Owen. Just rattlin’ your chain in good fun. :)


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