Natural Building in Nicaragua

Nicaragua Pueblo Project, Liz Johndrow, Founder
Nicaragua Pueblo Project, Liz Johndrow, Founder

“This is an overview of the natural building work I am doing in rural Nicaragua, primarily with women and young people. This article shares the conditions, existing infrastructures and materials available, and some of the successes. Nothing has proven to be a failure, though the path has taken some turns! I will follow up with a series of articles deepening the exploration of each of these points.

I am preparing for my fourth building/teaching season in Nicaragua, working in rural communities. Spending most of my time in the northern region near the Honduran border. I am inspired by both the simple earthen adobe style houses and the warmth and generosity of the people I have met. In my time volunteering, and then being asked back as an instructor, I have worked with some great grassroots organizations doing important work, including Grupo Fenix of Sabana Grande and AMCC of Condega. Both of these groups champion for women’s advancement in non-traditional roles and practices that support both human potential and environmental awareness. They welcome building techniques that care for the environment and empower women and young people to create, participate and improve their homes.”

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Nicaragua Pueblo Project

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