Off the Grid – Inside the Movement

“I traveled around America meeting these extraordinary people and writing about their lives. Above all I wanted to find out WHY they live off the grid. This film includes interviews with some of the characters (including author Carolyn Chute) from my book – OFF THE GRID – INSIDE THE MOVEMENT FOR MORE SPACE, LESS GOVERNMENT, AND TRUE INDEPENDENCE IN MODERN AMERICA (Penguin, August 2010).”


4 thoughts on “Off the Grid – Inside the Movement”

  1. I am sure cuz you are very active on line and staying in touch ..we are glad for that..
    I have your earthbag book and starting a house this next week..four domes in one..
    Just finished a ferrocement house so looking forward to this new adventure..except it to be
    A lot cheaper..

    • I’m not totally off grid yet. I’m trying to find a balance that creates a very high quality of life. This means shedding unnecessary baggage and focusing on things that really matter. It’s a journey and things keep changing.


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