Pallet Houses — 8 Comments

  1. “I have been building residential homes for 24 years, I know structural stability inside and out, the strength of a pallet home is comparable to that of a conventionally framed home.

    I am very interested in the idea of building with pallets or I wouldn’t be here. That said, I take issue with the above statement and would like to hear a reply. Its a beautiful home. But what holds the floor framing to the foundation? What if the earthbags break? There is no shear panel on these walls and you have multiple hinge points with each course of pallets! I was astonished at the second floor and roof load you placed on these walls and foundation! And no lath to hold the exterior plaster? Is there any engineer’s report on this dwelling? Its green and its cool but WOW its scary!

    • Pine Ridge gets a great deal of heavy wind. Also, mold is a huge problem there. I too would like to know how this house is holding up. Anybody here live that way and can give a report?

      Randy — drop a note on his facebook page. Otherwise he may not see this.

    • Yes, but you might want to make thicker walls with extra insulation and/or add a layer of board insulation on the exterior.

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