Permaculture Plants — 3 Comments

  1. Owen Geiger, for us on our desert slope, poof dirt on top, caliche about 2 feet below! brought in a pile of close by clay to help build!

  2. I so enjoy and follow your blogs: yes, permaculture plantings. for me, in the Mojave Desert, very dry, in the Death Valley system, our legumes are appreciated, mesquite, easy to grow, hardy, food, nitrogen fixing, in my particular spot of desert, mostly chapparal, amazing medicinal plant, we call often, creosote, smells so potent, wonderful, with rain. grow also easily, with water! chards, tomatoes, grapes, pumpkins & similar. close neighbors have big aquaponic garden,sells. Watch we grow, 3 Moons Project, building also with earth bags, straight walls and dome. look forward to create a small crew to build for those who are coming here to live. As Nader Khalili, my teacher, said, let’s show house can be round!
    love to hear from you and show the world what we are doing too!in small!

  3. We’ve only featured 3 amazing plants for gardening: vetiver, leucaena and pigeon pea. All can turn garbage soil into rich black soil naturally, bust up clay, etc.

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