Physical Properties of Polypropylene Bags

The following text and list of properties has been gathered from various poly bag supplier websites to give you a snapshot view of poly earthbags. The information is presented here in a condensed format for brevity. It’s fun doing these blog posts because I always learn something. For instance, did you know polypropylene is 100% recyclable? That’s just one of many positive properties.

Woven polypropylene bags are designed to ship large quantities of dry product in a cost-effective manner. Woven PP bags are the most common bags in the packing industry due to their wide variety of usage, flexibility and strength. These bags are commonly used in packing fertilizers, feeds, grains, flours, salt, sugar, cement, seeds or any other palletized and powdered materials. In addition, millions of poly sand bags are used every year for flood control. Bags can be made according to your desired specifications of mesh, denier, tape width, color and sizes depending on the required capacity.

Flexible and high strength • Anti-skid – treated to prevent slipping • UV resistant or UV stable (but protect from sunlight if project will take more than a few weeks) • 100% recyclable • Resistant to chemicals (alkali and acid resistant) • Corrosion resistant • Resistant to fungal growth • High strength to weight ratio • Moisture resistant – virtually unaffected by water and atmospheric moisture, doesn’t absorb water • Available in a wide range of sizes and strengths • Low elongation/dimensional stability • Lightweight • Tear and wear resistance • Low electrostatic charge • Electric insulation • Aging resistance • Low cost • Radiation resistant • 40-120gsm typical, 90-95gsm typical for grain bags

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  1. Really this Article is very helpful and informative. Polypropylene bags are an excellent solution to pack 30-50 KG of dry material. These small bags are manufactured from woven polypropylene fabric which has superior strength and less prone to punctures. PP woven small bags may come in laminated or non-laminated version depending upon the need of the material.

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  2. Just found a supplier of polypropylene rolls here in Ghana! They suggested that I buy 65-75gsm and I can get it on an 18″ roll/1,000m. Is this GSM sufficient for holding clay-ey earth?

  3. Hi Owen,

    You gathered all the properties of woven polypropylene bags. Maybe you should add the word “woven” into your title. Because there’re many kinds of polypropylene bags. And only woven polypropylene bags are used in earthbag building.

    Find more info about woven polyporpylene bags here,

    • Yes, you are correct. Most of the time I leave out the word ‘woven’ because we’re talking about rice bags, sand bags, grain bags that everyone knows about.


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