October 21 & 22 2017 at the Oregon Convention Center
Attendees will be able to see and buy the latest products for the tiny living lifestyle. Learn from builders, project experts and lifestyle authors at the educational conferences or panel discussions. And enjoy over 65,000 square feet great exhibits with accessories to compliment the “going small” experience.

The tiny house movement, as it’s known, is made up of equal parts millennials, homeowners, and even retirees.

Event marketing will reach over 2 million homeowners from the Portland area through Seattle WA. Participate and market your products and services to this diverse group of consumers ready to build their next dream.

Explore options on real estate developments for alternative housing locations around the United States. And enjoy great exhibits with accessories to compliment the “going small” experience.

See more at our web site: http://www.greatamericantinyhouse.show/

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Hague Atkinson
Productions By Design
Thanks to Todd for this tip.
The tiny house movement is growing faster than most people realize. The tiny house hotel in Portland, for example, is fully booked up months in advance. How many hotels can make that claim? The ideas and lessons learned from tiny houses can in most cases be applied to larger, moderately sized homes of 500 sq. ft. or even larger.

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    • Are local codes open to tiny houses? If there isn’t sufficient interest or friendly codes then it’s doubtful if a tiny house fair will spring up in your area.


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