Rainwater Towers Apartments — 12 Comments

  1. It’s easy to maintain plumb, cylindrical shapes simply by using a center pole (steel pipe, etc.) in the middle of each tower and regularly measuring the radius. If the center poles remain plumb then the towers will be plumb. Tip: attach braces between tops of center poles so they reinforce each other.

    Rent a lift of some sorts to hoist soil and other materials up on the wall. Save plaster work and plaster by tamping earthbag walls flat every 2-3 courses before the soil dries.

  2. The one thing that jumps out at me immediately is “oh, boy, I have to get the sofa up 2 flights of *spiral* stairs?!?!” That’s less of a problem in a house, where furniture can be expected to stay put for decades or more. But an apartment by its very nature is going to have higher occupant turnover.

    Perhaps a large window or glass door, with a hayloft-style projecting block and tackle? :-)

  3. Owen,
    This Rainwater Towers is very exciting edifice to build in Ghana, but the number of rooms if can be two would be a laudable idea.
    Peter N. Steele

    • Thanks. It would be easy to change the number of towers. If this concept catches on, I may design several designs with multiple towers. Most people in the world live in cities, so it makes sense to have at least some designs for urban areas.

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