Reduced to Rubble: Secret Tudor Castle Demolished — 2 Comments

  1. This is a symptom of a bigger problem. The UK has a very real problem in that they don’t have enough agricultural land to feed their population. The ‘Green Belt’ is the UK goverment’s ham-handed attempt to protect the agricultural land left from being swallowed up by the cities.

    I can see the importance of protecting farmland from development. Farming is important. Without land to farm, there is no farming.

    Those facts don’t make it any less sad that a beautiful house was demolished.

    I blame the entire system. We cannot continue to live this wasteful lifestyle where exploiting the land for short term profits is the law. Until we shift to more sustainable systems, like Permaculture, the waste and stupidity will be the norm.

    A better method to protect the UK Green Belt would be to adopt the Bill Mollison definition of sustainability. Allow land owners in the Green Belt to build and develop their land, as long as they are INCREASING the total net energy of the system. That would prevent the land from becoming unsustainable suburbs, yet allow freedom for land owners to choose how to use their land. For that matter, such a policy could be implemented in suburbs as well. Hopefully in time the people will WANT to make this transition without being forced into it by overbearing governments. It’s the only way to survive in the long run.

    • Good points. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, the way things are going it seems that gov will try to force some crazy policies on people because ‘they know best’.

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