Rice Hull Ash Eco Friendly Building Materials

I want to draw attention to the multitude of rice hull ash products on the market and the industry that supplies this eco friendly material. This is a great example of how an abundant waste material can be turned into high value products.

The following text is from a company in India that produces rice hull ash on an industrial level. This material is different than agricultural grade rice hull ash made by cottage scale businesses for potting soil, compost, etc. Industrial grade rice hull ash is carefully milled and screened for making high quality concrete, foundry castables and many other products. Rice hull ash is a key ingredient of geopolymer cements.

“Using our product 2 – 5% in cement and concrete increases its strength by 10 – 20%. Apart from strength it reduces the air permeability of the concrete and makes it more suitable for use in bridges, constructions in marine environments, nuclear power plants, etc. Organic micro silica is a perfect substitute for the inorganic micro silica or silica fume that is being used for similar purposes.

Advantages of using BioSil – C:
– Cost effective
– Highly pozzolanic material
– Increased compressive strength
– Better corrosion resistance
– Lower water penetration
– Lower air permeability
– Decreased porosity

Micro silica is used in refractory castables and precast products to improve their strength at ambient, intermediate and high temperatures. The castable needs less water for casting when BioSil-R is used because of the fact that our micro silica increases the flow characteristics of the castable.

Apart from refractory castables, our organic micro silica is used for other applications such as:
– Ceramic glaze
– Insulator
– Water proofing chemicals
– Oil spill absorbent
– Special paints
– Flame retardants
– Insecticides & Bio-fertilizers

Rice Husk Ash.org

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