Roundhouse Update: Light Fixtures — 4 Comments

    • Many earthbag building details and methods are the same or similar as regular construction. We can’t cover all of this or we’d lose or focus on earthbag building. I recommend general construction books from libraries. Photocopy the most important info or take notes.

  1. This lighting post got me to thinking about utilities and how they’re introduced into an earthbag house, and I realized I haven’t really seen much on that subject. How did you get electricity inside — was it a simple pipe laid ‘tween courses, was it above or below grade, etc.? The same could be asked of water, what considerations have to be made and when to make them…

    • Most everything about plumbing and electrical is the same as conventional building. Most of the differences have already been covered (how to attach electrical boxes, etc.)

      You can bring the main line in overhead or bury it.

      A new post is coming soon on running plumbing under the walls.

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