Sandhenge — 2 Comments

  1. I’d love to hear from the architects, engineers, or builders involved how this project worked out and whether the building is still standing. Would Feilden Clegg Bradley consider earthbag for a different project? Did anyone get a chance to talk with the Namibians and find out whether there are any sources of clay in the region (5% is a small amount…).

    On a recent project I thought I’d really like building with sand until I tried it. It’s much harder to make neat corners and edges of openings. I ended up adding gravel to the bottoms of bags at these locations. I also wonder whether using a single course of stabilized sand or gravel every 4- 6 courses would increase stiffness enough to make sand bags stable for full walls in flooded areas. Cement stucco with reinforcing mesh can turn a sandbag wall into a type of stress skin panel, but it’s really rather questionable if there’ll be some structural problems before you get a skin on it.

    Fill that contains some clay can make earthbags that are so much more moldable (and more stable). Anyone building sand bag walls should realize that earthbag filled with a standard fill that contains even 5% clay can be so much easier to work with as well as more resilient and stronger.

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