Save Money with Common Plumbing Walls

Plumbing is typically a major expense in any new building. Price hikes in copper and plumbing parts in general continue to drive costs higher. And at $50/hour for journeyman plumbers, costs add up quickly.

Consolidating the plumbing in one plumbing wall (also called a wet wall) will reduce costs and labor. This reduces the lineal footage of pipe you’ll need as well as the number of vents, stub-ins and electrical work. Most plumbing walls use 2”x6” framing to accommodate large pipes.

Joining the bath, kitchen and laundry areas with a common plumbing wall does take a little extra design effort. Space will be tight and everything has to fit just right. This is especially true when aligning baths above one another if there’s a second story.

4 thoughts on “Save Money with Common Plumbing Walls”

  1. Many, many thanks. You have provided for the futures of so many, most may not realize it yet. Not only for the plumbing resources and assistance, but earthbag building and alternative earth-friendly options that people truly need to find and awaken to.
    Your direction on getting things done and depth of knowledge is a very welcome and positive force.
    Again, Many thanks,
    Wulf C.

  2. Thanks for letting the cat out the bag when it comes to our plumbers secrets! lol, this is a fantastic tip and every DIYer should be implementing these types of walls.

    Just subscribed to your rss feed! great site, keep it up, I’ll be back…


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