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Ramana's Children's Home and Primary School in Rishikesh, Northern India
Ramana's Children's Home and Primary School in Rishikesh, Northern India

Small Earth provides supportive and sustainable environments for communities around the world through the creative use of elemental materials and the application of Permaculture inspired thinking. From conception to delivery our projects leave a legacy of landmark buildings beautifully integrated into sustainable and productive landscaped spaces.

Julian Faulkner is the co-founder and CEO of Small Earth Ltd. He has worked extensively in residential and commercial environmental design and has a wealth of experience in creating sustainable environments for communities both in the UK and abroad. In 2005 he trained in Cal Earth “Super Adobe” construction, a rammed-earth technology pioneered by the Iranian-born architect Nader Khalili.

With Small Earth’s Janos Bozo and Cal Earth journeyman Hooman Fazly, he constructed the first Super Adobe building in Europe for The Philippe Rothier Foundation pour L’Architecture in Brussels.

In 2006 he took Small Earth to Nepal where he designed and built an eco-village creating over 50 domes to house orphaned street children, their carers and staff. Less challenging but equally useful he built the first Super Adobe composting toilet in the UK at the Pestolozzi International Village in Sussex and more recently completed an earth form amphitheatre and contoured playscape incorporating the UK’s largest earth dome complex at Hounslow Heath Infants’ School in West London.

In May 2007 Small Earth was asked to build accommodation at Ramana’s Children’s Home and Primary School in Rishikesh, Northern India. Journeyman Lajos Macsar lead a team drawn from the Nepalese project to build a pair of linked domes over a 4 week period. These domes incorporated mezzanines for extended sleeping quarters.

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  1. did this take you 4 weeks I have 3 weeks to finish my home and Im freaking out as it is only at ground level Iv laid 5 layeres of bags so far my house is 5meters by 6meters with just one dividing wall its a almost square so shouldnt be too hard just woundering if I can do it in 4 or 5 days with 5 people what do you think???I will do plaster when I move in


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