Cordwood Masonry Special Effects

“Here are just a few of the great variety of special effects that people have incorporated into their cordwood masonry. Go to our Book and Media page for a description of our CD on the subject with over 60 captioned images. How to make bottle-ends and special designs is included on the CD.” Source: Earthwood … Read more

Final Craftsman House Proposal

I submitted my final house design proposal for the Shelters for All housing competition. As posted previously, I chose a bamboo and plastic bottle wall design that best meets the design criteria. Entry requirements called for a one page summary of the project, detailed time and cost estimates, and up to five pages of drawings. … Read more

Interior Bottle Walls

I’ve known about bottle walls for a number of years, but I didn’t pay much attention because most bottle walls use a lot of cement and because earthbag walls are superior in a number of ways. Up until today I favored bottle walls primarily for decoration. (See Bottle Walls and Bottle Wall Details.) My opinion … Read more

Bottle Wall Details

I just found these great tips by students at Humboldt State University on the Appropedia website. This is the best system I’ve seen. Thanks for sharing! Bottle bricks were made by using a tile saw to cut bottles harvested from the waste stream. The tile saw was set to cut the bottom 3inches of the … Read more